Where To Drink In Tampa, One Of America’s Most Underrated Summer Cities

05.29.18 12 months ago


In ranking all the American locales that have made easy punchlines over the years, Tampa has to land in the Top 10. There’s just something about how the city’s name trips off the tongue that inspires visions of bizarre Floridian antics. Indeed, “The Big Guava” has had its share of wild times — from the burglar who sipped stolen wine coolers in the backyard of a home he’d just robbed to the teacher who got drunk and had a teen student drive her to Waffle House. But zany yarns aside, Tampa is booming right now (believe it), with a development push that’s given birth to an elevated culinary, brewery, and mixology scene.

With so many new spots opening up in Tampa, we did some major digging (and serious drinking) to find out where the best places to booze it up in Tampa, Florida are right now.

For The Beer Lover


Tampa has an exploding microbrewery scene, with over 35 breweries in a 20-mile radius. Clearly, nothing goes better with Tampa’s hot climate than a nice cold brew.

Cigar City Brewing – Considered Tampa’s largest craft brewery, Cigar City is somewhat of a legend in the beer world. Ranked among some of the best craft breweries in the world, they do not joke around. With over 100 unique products (5 of which are distributed in a handful of states, Puerto Rico, and Denmark) the Cigar City crew has made quite the name for themselves internationally.

As a way of supporting the industry in Tampa, Cigar City is heavily involved in involved in Tampa beer week. Each year, 140 smaller breweries (both national and international) are invited to compete and showcase their brews. Winners of the competitions have been propelled to instant fame and have even found funding to establish their own breweries. With a robust tasting room where you can enjoy many of Cigar City’s award-winning beers on tap, it’s definitely a spot you need to check out and grab a beer when you hit town.

Hidden Spring Ale Works – As one of Tampa’s newest microbreweries, Hidden Spring Ale Works is making quite a name for itself. With only two and a half years under their belt their large tasting room features numerous brews on tap including their 5 core beers and 10 special/seasonal brews. As an added bonus, on weekends a rotation of food trucks show up outside to offer you some tasty local bites and pad your stomach so you can keep drinking all evening long.

Soheila Hakimi

Coppertail Brewing Co. – Coppertail is not only serving up great beer but they have one of the nicest tasting rooms in Tampa. Located on the edge of Tampa’s Ybor district, Coppertail is a key player in Tampa’s booming craft brewery industry. Their state of the art facility features the best brewing technology and machinery available, allowing the owners to control everything from their cell phones (not that they do, but still cool to think about).

On top of offering some great beer on tap they also have a great patio and a full menu, making it a great spot to spend the afternoon eating and drinking with friends.

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