The Best Sex-Themed Podcasts To Listen To In 2021

If you don’t have the right friend group, talking about sex can be rough. And considering it’s been a minute since we’ve gotten together with any of our friends, the number of people we can talk to — whether it be in search of advice, the exploration of our kinks, or someone we can laugh/cry/sympathize with over sexcapades (yes, we just used “sexcapades” unironically) — is dangerously low.

Luckily we have sex podcasts. A lot of them, in fact!

Whether you’re looking for a smart group of people to learn from, be entertained by, or, hell, you’re just looking for something to turn you on, we’ve collected the 21 best podcasts about sex for your listening pleasure. These are the most titillating listening experiences on the internet. Note — most of these picks are still active but we did include a few that are dormant because we like them so much.

Angela Yee’s Lip Service

The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee hosts this hilarious podcast which features the intimate bedroom tales of your favorite hip-hop artists and culture holders. Guests like Jidenna, Tinashe, Jemele Hill, Ne-Yo, and Issa Rae join Angela Yee weekly to talk about sex and relationships in a remarkably candid way that invites you to see your favorite artists in a whole new light.

Bawdy Storytelling

Before sex podcasts were a thing, there was Bawdy Storytelling, the audible version of a traveling stage series hosted by sexual folklorist Dixie De La Tour. Each episode of Bawdy Storytelling gets hilariously personal, relying on the perverted narratives of the series’ fanbase to help paint a complete picture of sexuality in the modern age.

Episodes surrounding cuckolds, furries, public sex, spanking, and anything your dirty mind could ever desire is undoubtedly covered in hilarious detail in Bawdy Storytelling. If you’re worried COVID-19 has put a damper on De La Tour’s antics, you’re wrong, Bawdy Storytelling is still going strong, covering issues of the time like VR masturbation in quarantine.

Big Mood

Not explicitly a podcast about sex, Big Mood is a hilarious podcast that addresses the general concerns of twenty-somethings navigating love, sex, and dating in the 21st century hosted by a hilarious group of girls including Gina Darling, Nikki Limo, Tiffany Del Real, and Jessica Caldwell, sometimes joined by guest hosts.

Big Mood has major sleepover vibes, with intimate and humorous discussions about stuff like sex fails, IG filters and body dysmorphia, things women wish men would stop doing in the bedroom, as well as practical advice, like dealing with red flags in a relationship, and saving money, all presented in a setting that makes you feel like you’re one of the gang. To feel even more included, Big Mood is also available in video form on YouTube.

Celestial Sex

Celestial Sex is a great listen for anyone who grew up in a strict religious household like host Chris Duce, who was raised Mormon and grew up being taught that premarital sex was a sin and blowjobs were absolutely forbidden.

Guests explore the different aspects and complicated facets of growing up and dealing with masturbation, homosexuality, and the laws of chastity in the context of Mormonism and other strict religious settings. After taking a two-year hiatus, Celestial Sex is back in 2021 and we couldn’t be more glad!

The Dildorks

Hosted by respected sex writers and best friends Bex Caputo and Kate Sloan, the hilariously titled Dildorks goes deep on all things sex and dating in the modern age. Caputo and Sloan’s chemistry makes them natural co-hosts, but their rapport is so inviting and infectious that by episodes end you’ll feel like you’re part of the gang. Amusing, engaging, and informative, Dildorks makes time to cover the important issues of the day, like the complexities of sexting, and how to keep your desire in check (or not) during a raging pandemic.


Fangasm is the type of podcast that rewards repeat listeners who can expect long-running themes, inside jokes, and a growing fondness for co-hosts Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush, and Danny Chapman as they explore works of smut inspired by your favorite fandom.

Starting originally as an erotic Harry Potter fan fiction-centered show, Fangasm has since expanded to include horned-up fantasies from just about any popular tv-show or series, including The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Star Wars, The Office, and more.

Girls on Porn

Girls on Porn

If you’re on the hunt for the hottest ethical porn, turn to the expertise of Girls on Porn’s Laura and Rachel — two self-proclaimed “erotic enthusiasts” on the hunt for the hottest porn. Whether they are exploring the most popular search terms or something way more niche, Laura and Rachel always approach each subject with humor and curiosity at the forefront.

Explore the psychological facets of age play, small penis humiliation, edging, or simple subjects like the wonders of big asses with this weekly podcast on all things porn.

Guys We F****d

Hosted by stand-up comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, Guys we F****ed features weekly discussions about trending kinks, sexual health, culture, and, sometimes, guys Fisher and Hutchinson f*cked.

The best moments of Guys We F****d are when Fisher and Hutchinson bring those old flames on the show, causing the show to morph into a sort of sexual roast, it’s painfully hilarious!

Inner Hoe Uprising

Started by Queens native Samantha Riddell in order to create a space for feminists of color to talk about sex and sexuality, Inner Hoe Uprising has since expanded to a cast of four “co-hoes” who bring their hilarious personal experiences to this podcast that examines sex, love, and dating for 20 sometimes.

While Inner Hoe Uprising is always fun, the crew takes the time to delve into the deeper aspects of sex, whether it be from a personal level, like exploring pronouns, or a more macro level, like exploring the lack of equitable working conditions in the strip club.

Knightly Pleasures

Knightly Pleasures

Looking for an erotic ASMR-heavy BDSM-themed podcast hosted by a dude so self-serious he refers to himself as “The Grey Knight”?

Then look no further than Knightly Pleasures. Aimed specifically at women (though we contend the pod casts a wider net) Knighly Pleasures is expertly narrated by a host who fully believes in and inhabits his own sensuous writing, providing a titillating listen that still feels unmatched.

Turn your headphones up, close your eyes, and let the Grey Knight’s voice (and penchant for sound effects) transport you to a kinky fantasy world full of aching desire.

The Manwhore Podcast

Hilarious, educational, definitely a little too bro-y (but also self-aware enough to recognize that), New York stand-up Billy Procida’s The Manwhore Podcast is predictably hilarious and surprisingly educational. Centered around Procida’s personal experiences with his seemingly endless supply of exes, the best part about The Manwhore Podcast is that the exes are actually given a voice — meaning things are sometimes too revealing, sometimes way too awkward, but always amusing.

Lately, Procida has been tapping guests to share their own escapades, pulling on the expertise of porn stars, sex workers, OnlyFans content creators, and sex educators to create a more comprehensive and interesting picture.

Off the Cuffs

Your weekly listen for all things kinky and BDSM-related, Off The Cuffs goes deep on every aspect of the lifestyle. Hosted by seasoned kinksters Dick_Wound and minimus_maximus, as well as guests who know their way around a dungeon (we’re kidding, but also… not kidding), Off the Cuffs spends equal time on the basics of BDSM, like ropes, whips, etc, as well as deeper aspects, like relationship management.

Equal parts sensual and sadistic, Off The Cuffs features inclusive and complex discussions with a dash of infectious humor.

The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira

The Pornhub Podcast, hosted by award-winning adult film star Asa Akira, is the ideal choice for porn fans looking to learn more about their favorite adult film stars, and hear them shoot the shit regarding the current pop culture zeitgeist.

Also, with a description like this, how could you resist: “Join author, poet, and recipient of two penises in her butt (at the same time) Asa Akira as she is joined by both her porno and non-porno friends.” Consider us sold.

Room For Relations (Inactive)

While no longer active, relationship therapist Eboni Harris’ Room For Relations ran for five years and covered sex, love, and dating in the black community, delving into subjects like mental health and family, featuring advice and anecdotes from professionals, experts, and friends in Harris’ circle.

While it’s not the funniest podcast on this list, Room For Relations is still entertaining and full of great advice, with episodes centered around recognizing toxic relationships, shooting your shot during social distancing, and exploring the complexities of Big Dick and Good Pussy Energy. ‘

Savage Lovecast

What is a Sex Podcasts list without Dan Savage? For Gen X-ers and older Millennials, Savage has long been a household name, and thanks to Savage Lovecast, it’s all but certain that Dan’s unique voice and outlook will continue to resonate with a whole new generation of people looking for relationship advice.

The best part about Savage Lovecast is that although you won’t always agree with Dan’s take — sometimes he delves into divisive topics like politics or infidelity — you’ll know you’re listening to a stubbornly honest voice.

Sex With Emily

If you’re looking for advice from a down-to-earth, inviting, knowledgable and authoritative voice look no further than Dr. Emily Morse, host of Sex with Emily. Dr. Emily is a doctor of Human Sexuality and a seasoned sex journalist who uses each episode of her podcast to share her own life experiences, as well as run through a few fan submissions, often bringing along celebrity guests to keep things a little exciting.

Each episode is generally centered around a central topic or theme, so feel free to avoid approaching this one chronologically and just browse through the episodes until you find a topic that speaks to you.

Swingercast (Inactive)

If you ever wanted to learn more about the life of swingers, Swingercast is tailor-made for you. Hosts Allie and John are real-life swingers who, along with their swinger friends, seek to educate their audience about the world of swinging. Whether you’re curious about swinging, or you’re active in the scene, Swingercast is full of humorous stories and situations expertly narrated by hosts with undeniable and shockingly sweet and loving chemistry.

If you’re looking for a podcast that’ll give you chills, spend just a few minutes listening to Allie’s whispery voice recounting her wildest stories and you’ll be an instant fan.

Talk About Gay Sex

The title says it all. If you’re looking for a weekly podcast centered completely around the homosexual experience, Talk About Gay Sex is the pod for you. Hosted by Steve V. Rodriguez, along with co-hosts Steve Carpenter, and Jeremy Ross Lopez, as well as a whole roster of guests from all corners of the LGBTQIA community, TAGS is equal parts deep and hilarious.

When you’re not laughing at the escapades of Rodriguez and friends, you’ll be learning something new, like how to take the best hole picks or more important matters, like when to disclose HIV status.

Our recommended first listen? Episode 63, “Hot Gay Sex Stories.”

Tinder Tales

Have you ever entertained a table of friends over one of your Tinder horror stories? That’s what Tinder Tales is, a podcast centered around online dating gossip, unfortunate Tinder situations, and the best kind of drama — someone else’s. Hosted by David Piccolomini, who is joined by his fellow NYC comedians, Tinder Tales is an addictive listen that’ll have you hooked after the first episode.

Our pick for a good starting point is the episode “Drier Than The Cinnamon Challenge,” with comedian Maddy Smith who delves into what it’s like to have sex with a narcissist and the frustrations of trying to appease guys.

Turn Me On

Amongst single people, married couples get a rep for being sexless and uninteresting but to those single people we ask one question: “Have you ever listened to Turn Me On?” Not only are married duos great sex podcast hosts (there are a lot of them) full of knowledge and experience, they’re also hilarious. Nobody makes fun of someone quite as hilariously as two people who know each other intimately.

All of that is on display here with husband and wife duo Jeremie and Bryde getting refreshingly candid in sometimes heartbreaking but mostly hilarious ways. Humor runs through everything presented in Turn Me On, and the podcast is better for it. As a starting point, try the episode “The Wishmaster Confessions of a Cam Girl” to get an inside look at some of the strangest asks received by sex workers, or more recent episodes like Red Hot Suz, where Jeremie and Bryde are visited by the titular guest to talk about internet sex work and receive tips on how to send a sexy money-worthy selfie.

Two Girls One Mic

Ahh, Two Girls One Mic, the only podcast that answers the question “What’s it like to bone Ron Jeremy?” Hosted by Yvette d’Entremont, Alice Vaughn, and sometimes Natalia, Two Girls One Mic is a recent find but we’re glad we came across it.

It. Is. Filthy. Enough to make you wince just from listening to d’Entremont and Vaughn explore the ins and outs (always graphically) of all things porn, but in their deep dive, the crew provides answers to the dirty questions we’ve always had but have been too afraid to ask or even Google search.

In every episode, d’Entremont and Vaughn are joined by a knowledgeable guest who brings unique insight and expertise into the conversation, whether you’re listening to your favorite pornstars (classic and modern) talk about porning, or the more unseen heroes out there, like the person who makes a living cleaning and repairing sex dolls.

Two Girls One Mic is sometimes disgusting, usually fascinating, and always hilarious. A definite must listen if you live for a dirty sense of humor. Oh and they’d both totally bang an alien, so there’s that too.

Why Are People Into That?

A podcast that very accurately answers the question: Why are people into that? YAPIT offers an educational exploration of kinks, fetishes, and any other sex-related matter that makes you scratch your head instead of, you know, rub your whatever.

Hosted by Tina Horn along with expert guests from the science, and psychology fields, YAPIT is as educational as it is entertaining.

EDITOR’S PICK: Shameless Sex

Shameless Sex

Shameless Sex hosts April Lampert and Amy Baldwin are both accomplished sex educators with a passion for removing the stigmas around sexuality and pleasure. Their stated POV is one of “radical self-love, empowerment, and shame-free intimacy” and it shows. Episodes are thoughtful and reflective while still revealing the hosts’ shared passion for all things good sex. When mistakes are made, they call themselves out; when ideas need to be reevaluated, they’re up for the challenge.

Guests on the show span a wide range of interests and areas of expertise, with both hosts eager to push discussions beyond their own sexual worldviews. On a recent interview, co-host Amy Baldwin called out episode #149 — “Group Sex, Sex-Parties, and Gang Bangs” featuring Billy Procida of The Manwhore Podcast as a personal favorite.

“It’s fun and playful and it talks about consent a lot,” Baldwin says. “People just think ‘swingers! They go do their thing!’ but Billy really explains how there’s a lot more to it.”