The Best Sex Podcasts Right Now For Your Auditory Pleasure

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Last Updated: January 22nd

Most people are interested in sex. There’s a biological imperative that keeps it front and center in our minds. Plus it’s a hell of a lot of fun. And though there are only so many body parts to play with, there can still be a fair amount of variety, and confusion, involved in the act.

Enter sex podcasts. Well, technically the best sex podcasts. They titillate. They entertain. They educate. But which ones are worth your time? We gathered fifteen of the best sex podcasts currently on the air. Check them out; lend them your eargasms. You’ll certainly find something that introduces you to new concepts, makes you laugh, and occasionally gets you a little hot.

Sex with Emily

Voted the #1 dating and sex expert to follow on Twitter, Sex with Emily host Emily Morse is a Doctor of Human Sexuality and sex and relationship expert. Her long-running podcast draws questions from fans all over the world who need the advice of an authority. Dr. Emily is always down to answer and often brings along a celebrity guest who adds his or her own opinions and experiences to the discussion. As a pioneering sex journalist, Emily is not only qualified, she’s comfortable, meaning she will go there. And, that’s great because it helps listeners become more comfortable with these conversations.

As each episode has a central topic or two, skim through episodes until you see something that’s relevant to your current sex interests. Alternately, start with What Women Really Want. Three women in their 30s join Emily to talk about every stage of a sexual encounter, from flirtation to orgasm.

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