A Quest To Make The Best Thanksgiving Stuffing On Earth


Stuffing has as many recipes as your drunk uncle has hot takes on politics. There are so many variations that picking the “right” stuffing to bake on Thanksgiving can be as confusing as to whether to call it ‘stuffing’ or ‘dressing.’ Cornbread, cornbread/bread mix, sausages or bacon, oysters, fresh fruit or dried fruit, baked in a pan or in the bird are all choices you’re going to have to make in the next day or two. Any missteps and you’ll go down in holiday history as the one who ruined Grandma’s favorite dish.

To help you make tough choices, we’ve gathered our cooking battle team and added a special Thanksgiving twist. This time around, Vince Mancini will save us his “Bafangul Spaghetti Stuffing” and will act as a cutting judge instead. To replace the open slot in the challenge, self-proclaimed stuffing expert Dan Seitz is stepping in with some baked bread magic.

Let’s us know in the comments how we fared.

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As I started this stuffing, I realized something important: Even though this dish has become a household favorite and a Thanksgiving staple since the high holy day of “Thanksgivvukah” a few years ago, I’d never actually made it myself.

That fact would loom large, like a shadow over my stuffing — much like I do in these photos thanks to the lighting in my kitchen.

Step 1

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