We Asked Traveler Influencers Their Favorite Under-The-Radar Destinations

The world is full of places to go (and food to eat while you’re there!). The thing is, though, the vast majority of spots you’ll see highlighted on everything from Instagram to the old-school glossy magazines tend to repeat the same spots. Often. Look, we’re never going to tell you Bali or Paris aren’t amazing. They are. But those places are consistently over-touristed and now’s the time to think about where else you can go to have a spectacular time with your travel cash.

The spots below are all about taking that extra step off the beaten path. That idea is in-and-of-itself a tough task. We don’t know what “off the beaten path” is to you. Maybe you grew up in Borneo, so its jungles feel familiar. Perhaps you were raised in Russia and sipping vodka and eating caviar is right in your wheelhouse. The whole idea of “exotic” is a dead concept.

Still… there are certain places not attracting travelers or travel dollars and we’re not going to pretend that’s not the case. So we asked folks who are making a living out of traveling the world right now about the less-touristed places worth your vacation time (and money). Here are 15 under-the-radar destinations that some of our favorite travel influencers think you should hit up!