Travel Influencers Tell Us Their Ultimate Fall 2019 Destinations

Knowing where to travel this fall is a vast proposition. Do you want the heat or a little chill? Head to the islands or get a jump start on winter? Tailgating or surf trip? If you’ve got a little money tucked away and some time off to spare, you have options.

The spots listed below scream transition. Places where you’ll see the seasons changing as the earth spins towards winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern. Some of them will be in your backyard and some of them will be a little further afield. All of them will be worth the time (and money) to get to.

Here’s where our favorite travel influencers think you should go this fall!


If you want to see the leaves change in a spot where nature offers a raw, dynamic backdrop, look no further than British Columbia, Canada. Of all the regions I’ve explored in the fall, this one’s my favorite. All you’ve gotta do to enjoy it is: throw on that cozy fleece, hop a floatplane from Vancouver to virtually any spot on Vancouver Island or along the Strait of Georgia, and prepare to have your mind blown as grizzlies prowl the waterways feeding on spawning salmon, and pods of orcas breach against technicolor sunsets.

After witnessing the feeding frenzy, hike the evergreen forests and moody coastline of San Josef Bay with Cove Adventure Tours. Explore the Kwakwaka’wakw culture with Indigenous guides from Sea Wolf Adventures. Get your fill of grizzly-watching at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, whose cabins are located on 60 acres of private wilderness within Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. Whale watch and hike undeveloped islands with family-owned Farewell Harbour Lodge. Or, stay in one of Nimmo Bay Resort’s intertidal chalets, and kayak, SUP, climb, and heli-fish your way through 50,000 square miles of untamed wilderness.


I’m currently dreaming of visiting the Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic. It looks straight out of a fairy tale with cobblestoned streets, beautiful countryside, and the most romantic washes of color every which way.

Fall here is truly stunning!


We adore fall weather (or autumn, as we call it here in England). We love it when the leaves turn orange, and we can cuddle up on the sofa with a pumpkin-spiced latte. We relish crisp autumn walks through enchanting woodlands and don’t even get me started on Halloween. Any excuse to play fancy dress is a winner with us.

That said, after spending the best part of two-years backpacking around Asia, we find ourselves unaccustomed to the cold, wet, weather that autumn often brings to the UK. Well, thankfully, we have found the perfect Autumn getaway. A country that is warm, magical, and equally festive during this time of year — India.

I know, it’s not the obvious choice to the Western traveler, but hear me out! Autumn is the best time of year to visit India. Temperatures are comfortable, nature spots boast a radiant orange glow, and you can attend all kinds of wild Indian festivals such as Diwali. Not only that, but if you enjoy hiking, or being amidst the mountains, the Himalayan region sees its best weather conditions during autumn.

So, if you seek a unique and adventurous fall getaway, check out our suggested One Month in India itineraries to help plan your trip.


My ultimate fall destination is Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. After visiting 50 of the 61 major US National Parks solo, I continually come back to this impressive park. While it is gorgeous in all seasons, the cooler temps and fall colors make it the perfect getaway. Another perk: fewer crowds this time of year!

I recommend driving the park to see the fall colors, taking a boat ride across Jenny Lake, and spending some time hiking one of the amazingly scenic trails.

PHIL CALVERT (philwaukee) — MEXICO

I have to say Mexico! It’s the end of the rainy season, the temperature is changing, there are so many festivals taking place that I want to be a part of…. It’s a load of culture, customs, food, I love it.

Mexico by far.

CAMERON LEE (thecameronlee) — LONDON, UK

I love London during the fall because by September all the kids are back to school so the city is not so jammed with mass tourism. The hotels are priced reasonable during this time and the weather is still amazing. London during the summer can often be unbearably hot, especially this year when they had a record high in temperature up in the 90s and it was literally a hot box of hell being on the tube.

London starts to decorate for Christmas during fall and I love visiting during this time where you get to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations around Covent Garden, the ice skating rink at Somerset House and Natural History Museum, and the most magical of all, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, where they transform the park into a Christmas spectacular to celebrate the festive season. It’s truly a magical time to visit in the Fall!


I love Joshua Tree in the fall. I’m spoiled because it’s only a few hours away. I love it there, it’s magical and you can feel the energy of the desert. It’s one of my favorite places to hike and camp and ride.

I wait all summer for it to get cool enough to go back out there and enjoy those wide-open spaces. It’s calling already.


The fall foliage may not be on the same level as the northeast, but the hues of yellows are still incredibly impressive. Hop on a gondola/chairlift for a bird’s eye view of the colors below. But beyond the leaves changing, Vail has lots of outdoor activities to enjoy before the first snowfalls and the villages transform for winter. A drive out to Piney River Ranch at Piney Lake can easily turn into a day of hiking to waterfalls, canoeing on the lake, fishing, and even horseback riding.

If visiting in September, coordinate your visit during Vail Oktoberfest for a truly unique Vail experience. And for a luxurious stay, check into the Four Seasons Resort Vail which is about to finish a complete room renovation. Grab drinks at The Remedy Bar and socialize over craft cocktails while you watch your favorites sports teams on their 165-inch TV or hang by their year-round fire pits.


Outdoor adventurers, look no further than Patagonia for a fall adventure that promises epic landscapes that will be leaving you pinching yourself asking, “is this real?!” Torres del Paine National Park, Chile is a hiker’s paradise with trekking paths through glaciers, mountains, lakes, rivers, and valleys.

Perito Moreno, Argentina is one of the world’s most accessible glaciers with out-of-this-world ice trekking. El Chalten, Argentina is home to Fitz Roy aka the mountain range actually featured on Patagonia’s company logo. With endless amounts of adventure all within just a bus ride away, Patagonia is an ultimate destination.

KARL WATSON (karlwatsondocs) — JORDAN

Head to Jordan. Temperatures aren’t scorching hot like the summer and aren’t freezing at night like in the winter. The people are ridiculously friendly, Petra exceeds your wildest expectations, and Wadi Rum will simply blow your mind.

MAX ST. ROMAIN (gastronautadf) — OAXACA, MEXICO

There are a lot of reasons why travelers have recently fallen in love with Oaxaca: It’s genuineness, the classic Mexican charm, and the delicious mezcal. Even us Mexicans are infatuated, and it’s where we go to feel connected to Mexico.

Hands down, there’s no better time to be there than around the celebrations of Day of the Dead. Oaxaca already has a mystical atmosphere about it, and when November gets closer, the colors sharpen, the energy heightens, and the spirits come out to play. The city will smell like copal (tree resin) and burning sage. It’ll taste like corn, chocolate, herbs, and… crickets. The streets become joyful. You’ll see lots of miniature parades with music, puppets, and fireworks. The markets and restaurants serve up seasonal treats. Parks and museums build ofrendas. Cemeteries fill with people, color, and remembrance. If these lines make you think of Pixar’s Coco, it’s not a coincidence, since Oaxaca was part of its inspiration.

And, if you are a restless type, there are many more places you can reach from there. Go for a dose of pre-Columbian awe at Monte Albán. Boost your Instagram feed at Hierve El Agua. Go to Zipolite to indulge in naked beach time. Who needs a tanline, anyway?


Oktoberfest. The Alps covered in autumnal leaves. Beer. Pork shanks. Cobbled streets in a rainy mist.

You just can’t beat Munich in fall. You might get lucky with the weather and the skies will be stark blue with temperatures that range from warm enough to spend a day in the beer gardens to cool enough to file away into a beer hall for the whole day without a worry in the world. There’s a wonder to southern Germany this time of year. Plus, you can easily escape the city into the wilderness of the Alps where trails are still open and easily hike-able during a day-trip from the city. It’s the best of all worlds.

Oh, and did I mention you can surf? Well, you sure can.


Look, fall is fine. It’s nice. Leaves turning. Brisk air. I get it. But ultimately, it represents the death of things. Nothing gold can stay, as the poet once wrote. I can make do with a few solid October weekends spent in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver BC.

Otherwise, f*ck cold weather, I’m going to Australia. The New South Wales coast, in specific.

This region literally has everything. You want surfing and a Bohemian aesthetic? Visit Byron Bay at the northern end of the state and go fully tropical. You want to party with the coolest of the cool kids? Hang in Bondi Beach, a suburb of Sydney. But if you want completely uncrowded stretches of sand and tiny, beachside villages with stylized B&Bs, take my advice — head south from Sydney to the Sapphire Coast.

Like so many stretches of New South Wales (and Australia in general), the Sapphire Coast is blessed with endless stretches of sand and surf breaks and… just not that many people. And yet, tourism makes for brisk business, so even in tiny towns you get the hipsterfied coffee shops and bakeries, the boutique hotels, and the farm-to-table restaurants. Head to Meribula then a little further along the coast road to Tathra. The Wild Orchid Cafe has great coffee and an excellent menu that utilizes local products. The Gap makes a great cuppa too, rents surfboards, and always has spectacular banana bread ready to go (get it toasted!). You’re pretty far south here, so you may get a nice morning chill — see that’s seasonal! — but by noon it will feel subtropic and you can be surfing in a thin wetsuit.

Few crowds. Great coffee. Shockingly beautiful beaches. This trip might not transition you to winter, but it will definitely leave you happy.