The World’s Best Food Cities, According To The Masses


Travel and food are partners in crime. It’s damn near impossible to separate the two because, well, we need to eat every day. Travel becomes very food-centric just as often as it’s centered around relaxing or grabbing that perfect flex for the ‘gram. Finding the best food cities around the world is, in itself, a great reason to travel.

So what makes a food city worth traveling to? For us, there has to be a mix of accessible street food, beautiful mid-range food, and a smattering of something you simply can’t get anywhere else. We know. That’s pretty much true of any corner of the world. Still, the best food cities are the ones that transcend all of that and leaves you dreaming of going back before the plane even leaves the tarmac toward home.

To help us figure out which food cities are the best we popped over to Ranker to learn what the masses think. Turns out, they have a pretty good handle on the great food cities of the world. Interestingly, the United States didn’t break the top ten. We guess we can argue about which American city deserves a little more love in the comments. New Orleans, anyone?

Let’s dive in.