Why Slovenia Is The Perfect Destination For Living The #VanLife

Via Dylan Gordon

Of all the places I’ve seen on this incredible planet of ours, Slovenia is the most magical and fairytale-like. If I hadn’t been there myself this past year, I don’t know if I’d believe it. But I must urge you: If you’re planning one grand adventure this year, make it Slovenia.

A small nation tucked just above Croatia and beneath Austria, it also shares a borders with Italy. The Julian Alps cut through the northwest of the country, the Mediterranean hugs it in the south, vineyards spill across it’s lower plains, while the rugged Triglav National Park holds the high ground.

There is a little bit of everything and everything is a “must see.” Which is why the only way to see this country is to drive it.

Via Dylan Gordon

Around the time we booked our tickets to Slovenia, I discovered a company called Nest Campers operating in the country. My boyfriend and I are no strangers to the #vanlife, so it was a no-brainer to check them out.

Turns out, the company is run by a young couple who spent years designing their campers for efficiency, before putting them out on the road. They take the international camper van scene to a whole new level and give you the comfort of your own little home while you’re touring.

A few bonuses that made it a no-brainer: unlimited mileage, flexible drop off and pick up points, and at only 55 euros a day we could save some serious cash to splurge elsewhere.

Needless to say, I vibed with them and booked us a van.

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Via Dylan Gordon