These Instagram Travel Influencers Will Inspire Your Wanderlust Dreams

Jenavieve Belair

Social media travel influencers have changed the whole game. Instagram has created a space where the old-school worlds of Lonely Planet guidebooks, modeling, advertising, travel TV, and even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue collide. At their worst, travel influencers are vapid and destructive. At their best, they offer would-be adventurers all the resources needed to go out and hit the road.

The nature of this particular beast means that “magazine” beauty often reigns supreme in the Insta travel world. But unlike the old days of glossies, there are no gatekeepers. Today, anyone can throw pics up at their favorite destinations. For the first time in the industry’s history, people of color, people with varying body types, and LGBQTI travelers can reach mainstream audiences without having to fight a system that’s slanted against them. That’s why we find the platform so positive overall, despite its obvious flaws.

If you visit Uproxx often, you see that we work with travel influencers on the regular. So we feel like it’s our duty to lay down a list of the best travel influencers on Instagram to follow right now. These are the vagabonds, mad ones, and wanderlusters who are out there on the open road, taking risks, and shining a light on a way of life that many naysayers will tell you is impossible. Remember, everyone featured in this article is a real live person. If they can manage to live big, bold, adventurous lives on the road, perhaps you can too!