Lesser-Known American Wine Regions That Are Absolutely Worth Visiting


Wine is always worth traveling for. It’s a pursuit both intellectual and sensory. It’s easy to participate in (you just have to like drinking!) but incredibly difficult to master. Best of all, it’s a passion you can explore all over the world. Italy? France? Australia? The Americas? Wine’s got you covered.

Historically, wine regions like Napa and Sonoma have dominated the conversation about wine in the U.S. That’s understandable. There are killer wines being made across California. However, the United States is massive. And with all that space comes a lot of regional variances, weather patterns, and a diversity of soils — many of which combine to provide ideal conditions for growing a wide range of wines.

Today, we’re eager to shout out ten of our favorite lesser-known American wine regions. If you’re still on the fence about where to go and what to do with your last month of summer 2018, these are perfect late-summer road trip destinations. Each of these regions has its own distinct feel and styles. And all of them go hand-in-hand with great local food scenes.