The Famous ‘Bikini Baristas’ Are Driving People To Outrage… Again

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03.27.17 11 Comments

Think about this the next time you’re having your morning coffee: How much better would your AM be if the coffee you’re drinking had been lovingly been prepared by a barista wearing nothing but a bikini, a thong, or a couple of stickers up top and some booty shorts down below? Would you be pleased? Would you pay extra? Or would you be outraged? Because how are you going to explain this dude wearing nothing but a pair of briefs or a woman in tanga bottoms while making drinks to your delicate child?

This is precisely the problem that a chain of bikini coffee shops — Bikini Beans Espresso, which has stores in Arizona and Washington state — is facing. While the coffee shops are busy and brimming with 5-star reviews on Yelp, parents have taken issue with the fact that the stores are selling sex in “broad daylight” and near schools, where children can see the barely-clothed workers leaning out the stores’ windows, smoking, and even emptying the trash in their unmentionables.

From Fox:

Kimberly Curry, a mother of four young children from the Spokane, Wash.-area, led a campaign with dozens of local moms to start a ballot initiative that would have required the topless baristas to keep their nipples concealed, and a small portion of their breasts covered, if they were within public view.

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