Skip The Mega Clubs For One Of Miami’s Most Inventive Venues

Miami’s mega clubs — known for tiered dance floors, multiple DJs, and crazy crowds — are famous worldwide. But do they really capture something of the city’s essence? Do they fully reveal the city’s unique ability to reinvent itself? Do they serve street tacos?

The latter question might not be as important as the previous two, but it’s definitely a perk of Bodega — the Miami Beach club / taqueria that has tourists and locals alike buzzing. To investigate, Uproxx and Boost Mobile sent Steve Vasquez on a mission to discover this affordable, exciting entry into the city’s nightlife landscape. What he found was one of the coolest speakeasies in the country — where patrons enter through a skinny hallway lined with long-abandoned urinals. He also had the chance to sample the tacos, like the beloved barbacoa with braised short rib, cotija, charred onions, and red salsa. It’s a hell of a taco and a solid deal at $4.50.

Inside Bodega’s night club, Steve discovered that by switching scenes from Miami’s bottle-service driven mega clubs to this smaller but no less raucous venue (it really gets kicking at midnight and is usually open until at least 4 am) he was able to save money and capture something of Miami’s vibe. This is a city where cool design, the fusion of ideas, and the intersection of style and value are beloved. Bodega exists at the nexus of these elements. Plus their cocktails and the staff shaking them are both absolute fire.

Ask for a drink with a little jalepeño spice, grab a few tacos, and buckle in for a long night. Your pocketbook and your sense of adventure will both thank you for it.