This Video Breaks Down Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Breasts

Western society is obsessed with breasts. We know! it’s okay! That’s why that’s ASAP Science’s intro to this video about why breasts are great. But before you close out of the clip because it’s adorable hand-drawn pictures and not photos of busty lingerie models, consider this: there’s a lot about breasts you don’t know. Like have you considered that they “literally turn blood into milk?” How badass is that? Or the fact that their asymmetry–which plagued Thora Birch in American Beauty–is absolutely normal. (But, as ASAP Science points out, these are things we might not know because the subject is so taboo.)

I’m not going to give away the rest of this thing, but trust me, you’re going to leave with a whole lot of knowledge about breast size, breast shape, and breast milk before this video’s through. Plus, you’ll know a grip of stuff about Oxytocin, which will make you sound cool and smart at the next party full of intellectuals you go to. (You go to a lot of those, right? Right!)

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