The World’s Most Basic Candy Now Comes Flavored As The World’s Most Basic Meal

Candy corn is great. Brunch is great. Brunch-flavored candy corn? We can’t even.

And neither can the majority of the internet, apparently. The news of Brach’s most recent flavor mashup, which is available on Target shelves for a limited time only, has hit people hard. Popsugar reports that the candy, which comes in three different flavors — french toast and maple syrup, waffles and strawberry, and chocolate chips and pancakes — is both polarizing and spot on, flavor-wise (if not way, way too sweet).

Twitter users, meanwhile, have mostly snubbed their noses at the flavors taste-untasted:

A few, though, are devoted to the idea, and will stop at nothing to get their brunch-loving paws on the bags of sugar:

And then there was the user who pointed out the obvious next step for Brachs:

Over on Instagram, users seem pretty excited about the bags in general:

While one user pointed out a very important detail that most of the world is forgetting: the fact that Brachs currently has two other crazy flavors on offer, too — peanut butter cup (peanut better cup, people!) and sea salt chocolate.

Whew! Lots of hype for those little waxy candies we give away at Halloween and throw away by Thanksgiving.