A Calgary Mom Changed Her Tattoo To Reflect Her Son’s Change In Gender Identity

Family really is everything, which a Calgary mother is proving by permanently altering some family-inspired ink on her arm because of her son’s gender switch. According to Metro News, Lindsay Peace had a tattoo on her arm of her two sons and one daughter as a way to show her love for her kids. The problem arose when her son Ace came out as transgender and began living his life as a man. Having three sons but a tattoo of two sons and a daughter is a little weird to be walking around with. Instead of making up a story every time somebody asked about the disparity between the tattoo and real life, she went ahead and got it changed. As she tells it,

“People would say, ‘Oh, who is on your arm?’” she said. “We were on holidays, and people would say, ‘Is that your kids?’ And here I am with three boys, and very clearly a little girl was on my arm.”

The good thing is that she didn’t have to look too hard for a good tattoo artist to do the work as her husband is a professional tattoo artist and did the original himself. Whereas before the kid on her arm had pigtails, a pink dress. and a bow, now he is dressed in a shirt, shorts, and is toting a slingshot. Only a few details, but important ones that make all the difference. Seeing as many children who come out as transgender are spurned by their families and not supported, it is great to see stories like this one where the support is not only verbal but put down in ink as well.

(via Metro News)

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