A ‘Major’ Weed Shortage Could Seriously Affect Canada’s Legal Marijuana Plans

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06.25.17 4 Comments

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In the fervor to “legalize it,”marijuana advocates seem to have overlooked if they could actually supply it. It’s an ironic situation for Canada, who celebrated the legislation that would fully legalize marijuana by 2018 earlier this year but now one analyst said that rollout could be delayed.

Ontario’s Minister of Finance, Charles Sousa, said Canada’s demand for marijuana is already “quite high” (phrasing) and they want to make sure that when weed is totally legalized, there is enough of a supply so it curbs the organized crime that may end up controlling some of the buds.

According to Quartz, registered medical marijuana users have tripled since 2016 to an astonishing 167,000 patients, and now they’re bracing for a country full of people who may only dabble, but said dabbling could make the demand far outweigh the supply. Marginal Revolution‘s Alex Tabarrok said, “Much of the new demand will come from people who were deterred from buying illegally.”

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