Carrot Cake Hershey’s Kisses Are Here To Ruin Your Easter Basket

Carrot cake is a conspiracy. You take a perfectly decent thing — cake — and corrupt it with quasi-health food. At some point, the bigwigs at the Carrot Lobby realized they weren’t selling enough of their product, so after some extensive R&D, they came up with a recipe that tasted mostly good (with an admittedly strange texture), but also increased nationwide sales.

Well, guys, they’re back again. And this time, they’ve teamed up with Hershey. As reported by The Impulsive Buy, the chocolate company has released Carrot Cake Hershey’s Kisses. And to back up the legitimacy of the product (which isn’t even available on the Hershey website) is this tweet by Ron Burrage, Hershey’s Head of Global Design.

Is it a limited-release thing? Test-market only? Time will tell. But here’s what we know: They’re “naturally and artificially flavored,” as labelled on the bag. (So, um…they taste like carrots?) And the kisses themselves look to be pastel orange, according to a picture a Redditor posted last month — so it’s probably white chocolate.

What do you think? Would you pick up a bag of these for yourself, or do you struggle to see carrot and chocolate working together? Will you stick it in your kid’s Easter Basket just to ruin their holiday? Because if you’re going to do that, you might as well just buy a bundle of carrots. It’s what the Easter Bunny eats, after all.