This Farmer Went From Hauling Carrots To A Modeling Career Thanks To The Internet

In February, Jeyrick Sigmaton, a farmer living in Sagada, Mountain Province in the Philippines, blew up on the internet after someone watching him haul (what looks like) a million carrots while wearing a grey hoodie shot a picture of him. The picture was shared on social media, quickly making Sigmaton a viral sensation and turning #carrotman into a trending hashtag. Unlike your barista, carrot man never expected to be discovered at work.

Now, the 21-year-old farmer is dumping the carrots, taking off his dirt-stained clothes, and making the transition from agriculture to modeling.

How’d this all happen? According to Mashable, once #carrotman caught on, a brand called Boardwalk fell in love with Sigmaton’s looks and just knew they had to have him in one of their campaigns. They quickly started taking more photos and then posted an image to Instagram, asking users if they could identify their new model.

Here’s the pic:

Of course, the hoodie gave it away and Sigmaton’s fans immediately identified him as the newest face of fashion. They were right, and Boardwalk happily revealed that Sigmaton had traded in his plain grey hoodie for an ultra-stylish carrot-patterned one.

But it doesn’t end there: Pictures posted of Sigmaton’s photoshoot for Boardwalk suggest that carrots are the next big thing (expect models to strut the runways in carrot dresses and bikinis at next year’s fashion week) and show him wearing all manner of shirts that make it clear that Boardwalk’s making the most of the #carrotman phenomenon with tops reminding fashionistas to “keep calm and eat carrots” and suggesting there’s at least one long-sleeved shirt with the words “locally grown” printed on it (which “some” writers would totally wear if said writer ever left the house/had the courage to wear clothes with produce prints):

Sigmaton is moving into high fashion next. His “most updated fan page” (a thing) also posted some photos of a collection being designed around him by Avel Bacudio, who’s been named “Asia’s most influential designer” by Mercedes Benz and who knows a little bit about huge life changes himself–he was a janitor long before he became a fashion mogul.

He’s got that “angst” look down (especially in his makeover below), but can he smize? (Smile with his eyes, for the uninitiated).

The only question left is: how soon before Sigmaton gets his gilded invited to join Taylor Swift’s squad?