Krispy Kreme Is Infusing Donuts Into Soda Now

Dust off your blood-sugar monitors, because the world is getting donut-infused soda. Can we handle this? Maybe. Are we super duper excited? Obviously.

Krispy Kreme has paired up with the Southern soda company Cheerwine to create Cheerwine Kreme, a pinkish beverage that is slightly less carbonated than regular Cheerwine and, according to the Charlotte Observer’s Kathleen Purvis, tastes like “cream soda with a cherry chaser.” (Regular Cheerwine is cherry-flavored, so the comparison makes sense.) Other taste testers from the Observer compared it to Faygo, another small soda with a cult following, and one even gushed, “Not terrible in the way I thought it would be.”

As for the broader internet, some Twitter users seem excited to try Cheerwine’s new offering:

Others, though, have given the soda a mixed review:

Opinions aside, this isn’t the first time the two companies have joined forces. Back in 2010, they came out with a limited-edition Cheerwine-flavored Krispy Kreme Donut. It’s probably for the best that the donut isn’t still around — enjoying the two products together would probably be earth-shattering enough to herald the apocalypse. Or something like that.

For now, you can at least sip on Cheerwine Kreme. The beverage is available at Krispy Kreme shops in North Carolina, South Carolina and Savannah, Ga., and in supermarket chains Food Lion and Harris Teeter. The Observer reports that free samples of Cheerwine Kreme will also be available at Krispy Kreme stores on July 23, but we’re assuming that’s also a regional offer. So if you’re not local, maybe just blend your donuts and cherry soda together into a frappe. Or grab a Cheerwine and stuff a Krispy Kreme into the bottle.