Chefs Tell Us The Best Places To Satisfy Your Baked Good Cravings

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Picture a baker who crafts decadent, sugar-crusted apricot scones and shoots bourbon in a commercial kitchen with underage employees. It’s an image that’s a little wholesome, a little dangerous, and a lot my mom. In the early 2000s, my mom transitioned from hawking her homemade wares via specialty orders to her own brick-and-mortar enterprise: Naked Baker. On one hand, the goods were made using the best, natural ingredients, and on the other, sometimes she pulled things out of the oven wearing only a towel when scratch baking at home. My slogan for the business was “Get behind Naked Baker and watch your business rise!” because I am hella classy.

Thanks to naked baking, there was a period of time when a person in the Fresno, CA region could get jalapeno popper, Mexican mocha, or even margarita scone made by the petite hands of my darling mother. All three were perfect for people who require a high degree of deliciousness and sugar in their diets.

Though the business ultimately imploded in a weird AMC drama sort of a fashion, my mom never stopped making baked goods. In fact, she moved to Portland and attended culinary school, working in local bakeries. To this day, as much as I love my local bakery in the quaint town near my home, I can’t honestly say anyone bakes better than my mom. I imagine this is something a lot of people feel, even if their mom’s claim to fame is Tollhouse cookies (no hate; I’ll grub on those any day). It’s not just the good treats; it’s also that we love these women.

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The chefs included in this installment of Chefs Tell Us pushed past the urge to dub a family member’s baked goods as “the best” — instead they offered business that we can all put on our personal Must Try lists. There are over 20 entries here, which means a lot of delicious descriptions and inviting images. Try reading this post in its entirety without wanting to get your carb on. But, before you run to the nearest bakery or break out your apron, leave a comment about baked goods or your mom. I mean you can try writing about my mom, but you don’t know her like that.

True Loaf Bakery (Miami Beach, FL)

Chef Mike Pirolo — Chef and Owner, Macchialina


I love True Loaf Bakery! All of their pastries are amazing and the owner Tomas Strulovic’s story is inspiring. He signed the lease on this space without knowing how to make bread (very hard to believe once you taste the goods!). He was persistent in learning through hands-on experience and interned for free to gain the proper knowledge. He is a passionate person and it shows in his product. My personal favorite is the brioche with pastry cream and blueberries. It’s located in Sunset Harbor, a neighborhood in Miami that I often workout in, and I can’t help but head there right after my workout to say “hi!” to Tomas and pick up a brioche for myself and the monkey bread for my wife.

It’s my version of avocado toast and green juice.

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