Watch This Woman Make The Absolute Best Lunches At Her Desk

Say the words “I’ll be eating lunch at my desk today” and most people will feel bad for you. After all, what’s sadder than chilling at your desk and trying to eat a microwaved burrito as you make a valiant effort to finish a project that’s probably going to keep you at work until midnight? Nothing, that’s what. Well, unless you’re eating soup (because nothing is sadder than soup). And if you’re eating lunch at your desk right now, well, we feel your pain.

Here’s something that might help, though. While your boss would probably look unkindly at you dismantling everything in your cubicle and setting fire to the remains of your third soda since 10am, a Chinese vlogger who goes by Little Ye in the office has fulfilled all of our sad desk lunch fantasies by unplugging her computer, setting her workspace on fire (okay, using fire in the workspace) and cooking meals that have no business being concocted in an office where people are just trying to get some work done. As Munchies points out, the fact that Little Ye still has a job (not to mention that her co-workers seem pretty chill with this whole thing) is probably the most impressive thing about these videos.

Although what Little Ye can do with an iron is pretty cool, too:

This is the strangest grater we’ve ever seen:

What are you doing with that PC?


Check out all of Little Ye’s videos here. Just be warned: Your boss will likely fire you if you try this at work.

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