Chipotle Is Trying Multiple Ways To Win You Back This Halloween

The past few years haven’t been especially kind to Chipotle, with reports of customers getting sick from food-borne illnesses and video released earlier this year of rodents falling from the ceiling (!) at a Dallas-area location. Many in its once supremely loyal fan base are understandably scared to eat at their beloved burrito chain—which is why you have to respect the boldness of Chipotle’s decision to pick the scariest day of the year to win their customers back.

On Halloween this year, from 3 pm to close, you can score a $3 burrito at any Chipotle location in the U.S., so long as you order in costume. Technically, per the day’s promotional materials, what they’re serving on Halloween is called a “boorito” but I refuse to write that more than once. Even once was a push.

On Halloween, Chipotle is also offering a “Burritos for a Year Sweepstakes.” By texting the word “BOORITO” or “SPOOKY” to the number 888222 on October 31 you enter the sweepstakes (and agree to receive up to six automated marketing texts). Technically the grand prize isn’t burritos for a year, but 52 Chipotle gift cards worth $10—so, one burrito a week for a year, though we all know someone who could put away $520 worth of Chipotle a lot faster than that.

If you don’t win the year of food, at least take advantage of the promo. Limit is one BURRITO per person, and you have to be in costume, and, according to the company, “whether a ‘costume’ qualifies for the offer is at the sole discretion of Chipotle restaurant personnel,” so don’t don’t try pulling your lame “I’m Dave my neighbor” or “came dressed as myself” nonsense. This Halloween, go to a nationwide fast food chain to claim a discounted burrito wearing a real costume like a grown up.