Get Ready For The Opening Of A Full-Fledged Chocolate Museum


If you’ve been waiting all of your life for a chocolate museum to open somewhere in the continental United States so you can finally find the chocolate-lover’s fulfillment that’s been eluding you, then wait no longer. New York City is getting just that, in addition to all of the other non-chocolate focused museums that already exist. Jacques Torres, the famed chocolatier, is opening a museum of chocolate inside his chocolate shop in Soho, New York. The full name of the heavenly location is “Choco-Story New York, The Chocolate Museum and Experience with Jacques Torres,” which honestly only makes the entire endeavor sound even more amazing.

There aren’t many details available right now, but as comparison the only other chocolate museum-type thing in the US right now is the massive chocolate factory and theme park sprawl that can be found in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Even though this museum is confined to one location in downtown New York City, that’s still far more accessible for many people than somehow getting to the Hershey empire. NYC of course already had a magnificent ice cream museum as a special event, which was quite the extravaganza, so there’s a high bar to clear for this devotion to that fickle mistress cacao.

Maybe with the new museum addition Jacques Torres will be looking for some new chocolate-obsessed employees to fill out his team.

(via Eater)