Chris Pine Is The Ultimate Bratty Co-Worker From Hell In This Funny New Voting PSA

Chris Pine working in your office seems like a good idea, eh? He’s a hunk, he has Starfleet experience (not just as an intern, either!) and he seems like a plain ol’ good dude. Too bad the guy has a bit of an attitude problem.

The Star Trek Beyond thespian unleashes his inner brat in a new Save The Day PSA. In a clip directed by Firefly czar Joss Whedon, Pine plays the unapologetically obnoxious office employee Leonard. Leonard’s tantrums are disrupting the workplace, making his peers uncomfortable and driving co-worker Alan Tudyk up the wall.

As you may have gathered from the tone, Leonard is essentially a stand-in for the unpleasant side of congress. He doesn’t just demand that things go his way, he strong-arms the office into shutting down and still gets paid. Leonard is a confident moron too. He doesn’t understand a lot of things (like gender neutral bathrooms) and instead of compromising, Leonard continues his braying jackass routine while the office is held hostage.

“No employee would get away with this, why has congress?” asks a dollop of text at the end of the funny pro-voting spot. You can check the spot out for yourself in the video nestled above and decision day awaits on November 8.

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(Via Vulture)