Stoke Your Nostalgia With Free Chuck E. Cheese’s Candy Corn Pizza On Halloween

Trick-or-treating just got even better thanks to the mouse in the ball cap. Chuck E. Cheese’s is giving out free slices of candy corn pizza this Halloween every hour, on the hour, from 4-8 p.m.

While this sounds more disgusting than candy corn is by itself, we should note that the pizza is only candy corn inspired — featuring three varieties of cheeses arranged in a way that closely resembles the (inexplicably) popular Halloween candy. The restaurants/arcades have been serving the pizza with a side of candy corn since October 16, but on Halloween, they will be handing out slices for the absolute free (while supplies last) during prime trick-or-treating hours.

To top that off, November 1, Mr. Cheese’s kitchen will dish out a limited time offering of a Cheetos Mac-Cheesy Pizza in stores nationwide. The pizza is sure to be a cheese explosion featuring a creamy cheese sauce mixed with elbow macaroni, smothered in melted Colby cheese and 100 percent whole milk mozzarella cheese with a Crunchy Cheetos topper. This one actually sounds pretty amazing, and we might just have to borrow someone’s kid and whack a mole or two to get our hands on it.

Chuck E. Cheese’s may be “where a kid can be a kid,” but big kids need love, too.