Whoa! This Dude Rode A Citi Bike From New York To California.

Who knew a Citi Bike had so many cross-country miles to give?

New Yorker Jeffrey Tanenhaus pushed his city’s bike share program to the limit this year with an epic 2,700-mile cycling journey that brought him from the Empire State to California in a tidy four-and-a-half months. Y’know, because that’s a thing human beings can apparently do of their own free will.

Tanenhaus left his job as a Manhattan corporate event planner to embark on this massive endeavor and began his trip in early August. Making his way through 17 states and racking up an impressive $1,200 late fee, Tanenhaus has managed to hit his left coast goal. In a chat with NBC New York, the two-wheeled warrior beamed about his experience.

“It’s been the most amazing thing that I’ve done in my life,” he said. “On a bike it’s been incredibly rewarding and I’ve had to go slow so I’ve been able to go places that travelers wouldn’t normally stop.”

He sounds pretty cherry about it, doesn’t he? It would be a bit embarrassing if you wrapped up your journey and immediately told reporters that you screwed up royal.

As you might suspect from a trip of this length, there were a few bumps along the way. In October, Tanenhaus wound up needing stitches when an Oklahoman truck driver punched him in the face.

What does the future hold for Tanenhaus and his Citi Bike? Ideally, a return trip. Tanenhaus says he plans to return the bicycle, although he hasn’t sorted out how he’ll finance reuniting the vehicle with its New York home.

“I’ve spent enough time on this bicycle – it’s someone else’s turn. I’m happy to return it back to the bike-sharing system.”

(Via Daily Intelligencer)