These Cookies Each Deserve Their Own Food Holiday


Friday was National Cookie Day, a holiday designed to celebrate the dessert staple/life-fuel that serves as mankind’s most well-crafted treat. But did you know that National Cookie Day is actually one of nine annual cookie-related food holidays (and that’s not even counting chocolate wafer day)? There’s also a cookie week and a cookie month.

Basically, people love cookies.

Still, it feels like the world is settling for two handfuls of cookie holidays when we should have so many more. So we’ve picked five more cookie variations that need their own holidays ASAP:

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies
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Having a holiday devoted to the Girl Scout’s many cookie varieties (everyone’s got a favorite, seriously) could move their whole fundraising game into the double XL big time. Also, more money means more research, which means more cookies coming out of the test kitchen.

So… fingers crossed.

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Real American hero Richard LaMatta invented the Chipwich (the OG cookie ice cream sandwich) back in 1981 and altered the course of the portable frozen dessert forever. How nobody else thought jamming two cookies onto a scoop of ice cream and squeezing until the whole thing turned into the tastiest menage a trois out there is tough to fathom. Give that man a (posthumous) medal and his cookie confection the honor it deserves.


One of America’s greatest cultural exports is the Oreo. Other countries have upped the ante with green tea and fruit varieties, but the limited edition s’mores Oreos basically told the global cookie community to kiss the ring. It was a seriously missed opportunity they weren’t packaged as S’mOreos but hey, we should still be celebrating the cookie.


Almond lavender biscotti

If a Chinese Almond Cookie Day and a Fortune Cookie Day can exist, then surely the world is ready for a Biscotti Day. Typically known as that cookie you let disintegrate into your coffee, biscottis hail from Italy. Sometimes they have icing drizzled on them, sometimes they have raisins baked in them. Why is no one shouting their praises from their rooftop?



Snickerdoodles are the treasured heroes hailing from parts unknown. No one actually knows when the clouds parted and the heavens lowered these cinnamon-kissed treats from Valhalla, but it’s a damn crime we’re not raising them up every day.

Bonus: Cookie Lyon Day

In the name of toughness. In the name of fabulosity. A day for the Cookie that lives within the best of us and the hope that we all have that we might one day be as fierce as Empire‘s Cookie Lyon.