This Couple Took Engagement Photos At Costco Because Nothing’s More Romantic Than A Warehouse Club

05.16.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

If dollar-fifty hot dogs and free samples are the way to your sweetie’s heart, take note. This engagement session is one for your Wedding Inspiration pinboard. Reddit user Kartarsh shared the photos of the session last week via Imgur. When asked by users whether there was something particularly sentimental about Costco, she replied, “Not really, we just both really like Costco. I didn’t like the idea of having the regular engagement pics (or really any, but our photographer offered to do it for free). I thought it would be funny to have pictures of us doing really mundane things, and then decided it would be better to romanticize those mundane things.”

Ah, yes. Because what’s more romantic than picking out bulk butter or a giant plastic-wrapped hunk of meat? How sweet the pair are, him hauling lettuce into the slowly-filling cart, her showing off her new rock against a backdrop of strawberry cake.

Reddit users have largely shown amused approval to the photoshoot. Rdubya44 wrote, “It’s a more accurate depiction of life after marriage than frolicking through a field. Source: am married and go to Costco for fun. Ikea if we’re feeling frisky.”

Rossifan wrote, “I thought this was absolutely hilarious. It’s very…. American.”

Jonye_East asked, “Is your registry with Kirkland?”

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