These Crazy Office Party Stories Will Put Your Company Get-Togethers To Shame

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One of the only good things about working in an office, besides Free Tacos Tuesday, Donut Party Wednesday, and Flapjack Friday, is the annual holiday party. It’s a festive time to check-in with the co-workers you haven’t spoken to all year, drink on the company’s dime, and invite a hooker as your date.

At least that’s what happened to a “nerdy guy” who a Redditor’s husband works with. Actually: worked with. “My husband is a software engineer who works with a bunch of nerdy guys,” Hysterymystery wrote. “One of them decided it would be a good idea to bring a gun and a hooker to the office christmas party. Security escorted him in to clean out his desk the next day.”

It’s one of the many very entertaining (and highly inappropriate) responses in the Ask Reddit thread, “What is the most NSFW thing you have seen at an office gathering or party?” It’s a real-life Office Christmas Party.

Work party. one guy took a sh*t in the toilet followed by grabbing the vacuum cleaner and sucking it all up. (Via)

GM (guy) and controller (girl) were grinding on the dance floor. GM’s wife confronts them on the dance floor in front of everyone, “Is this the whore you’ve been f*cking?” Needle off the record moment. The controller’s husband had been suspicious for a while and considered this confirmation. Both couples divorced shortly after. GM and controller are now married. (Via)

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