Denmark’s Christmas Travel Contest Hopes To Help You Find ‘Hygge’

Every other country can try and be a winter wonderland if they wish, but the way Denmark is set up, there’s really no competition. Hans Christian Andersen’s homeland is chock full of cobbled streets, cottages, and castles, quite literally making it what fairytales are made of. When it snows in the winter, the entire country looks like God just shook up a giant snow globe and plopped it down in Scandinavia. If there were any place to fully enjoy a picturesque holiday, this would be it, and the contest introduced by Visit Denmark and Scandinavian Airlines where one lucky person PER DAY will win a trip to Denmark every day until Christmas Eve is making sure at least 13 more people get to do just that.

Contestants have 24 hours to enter each contest, and winners will receive two return flights to Denmark from anywhere in the world and the definitive Danish experience, which has, so far, included tours around the Carlsberg cellars, family getaways on beautifully icy lakes, dinner at Michelin-starred restaurants, and a guided tour of Gram Castle.

The contest is a part of a promotion for Finding Hygge, an upcoming documentary that explores the reasons Denmark is credited with being one of the happiest nations in the world with the best quality of life. Denmark is known for its concept of “hygge,” which translates to “quiet comfort,” or “coziness,” and the Danish people use hygge as an idea of a sort of Nirvana that everyone should try and reach.

Contest organizers told Lonely Planet the promotion is to help others find some hygge, and hopefully carry it on into 2018: “Because we value our own time more than ever, all #FindingHygge prizes strive to give couples, families and friends the much-needed chance to take time out in 2018, to relax and enjoy a uniquely Danish experience together.”

If you aren’t one of the grand prize winners, #FindingHygge still has you covered with one hygge tip each day. If you’re not entering this contest or at least visiting the site to read more about finding your own cozy comfort, you’re only cheating yourself. Check it out.

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