This Domino’s-Lover Found A Ton Of Cash Inside Her Chicken Wings Box

Is Domino’s a real-life Los Pollos Hermanos? If so, who is Gus Fring, and how do we avoid getting on his bad side? We have so many questions after hearing of this real-life Breaking Bad-esque incident, involving an order of chicken wings and a whole lot of cash.

It all went down last Tuesday afternoon in San Jose, Calif., when Selena Avalos ordered chicken wings from her local Domino’s. She opened the box — which she initially thought was a mistaken order of breadsticks — and found, instead of her lunch, a stack of cash. And a lot of it. As in, nearly $5,000 worth of cash, made up into a deposit. (Because apparently storing deposits in breadsticks boxes is de rigueur these days?)

“Wouldn’t they be thinking, ‘Where did that money go?’” Avalos told ABC7 News. But apparently, no one was worried about the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF MISSING CASHMONEY, because when Avalos tried to contact the manager of the Domino’s she’d ordered from, her calls weren’t returned for three days.

That’s when Avalos got in touch with ABC7, who was able to connect her with the Domino’s franchise owner. What went down with the actual cash is unclear, but what we do know is that Avalos got a year’s worth of free pizza for her honesty. She also got a week of paid leave from her work as a manager at Spacetel Wireless.

So, not too bad, all things considered. Let’s just hope this situation doesn’t escalate into a bigger, Walter White-type conspiracy. Free pizza is free pizza, which is pretty much all anyone needs to be happy in life.

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