Dominos Is Developing A Fleet Of Pizza-Delivering Reindeer

Something is happening in Japan. Something which fans of pizza and Christmas will be really happy about (but fans of animal labor-rights won’t). Dominos Pizza in Japan is preparing for a brutal winter by turning to Santa’s favorite member of the deer family. Yes, Dominos is actually pondering the use of reindeer to deliver pizza to hungry people in the northern, snowy reaches of the country.

As much as this looks ridiculous on the surface, all indicators from make it seem like this is actually happening (but really, it can’t be, right?). More details are expected to be released on Thanksgiving. The main questions surround where this delivery method will actually take place.

Will the reindeer be walked to the homes of hungry pizza fans in only a specific area? How far away from a Dominos restaurant will they deliver? How will the pizza stay warm? Will pizza delivery people ride on the reindeer? That would be pretty awesome. Do they have to/ get to dress like elves?

Most importantly: is it more cost-effective to fill Santa’s sleigh with pizzas instead of presents? What would be better than finding a steaming hot pizza under your tree on Christmas morning?