The Donald Trump BS Food Truck Serves Up As Much Baloney As He Does

If you wanted some way to fact check Donald Trump, but also wanted to fill your stomach with processed meats and cheeses, you’re in luck. The Donald Trump BS food truck is here to provide you with plenty of hearty food and plenty of hearty information regarding the Trump campaign. The Portland food truck is the doing of Wieden+Kennedy, an advertising agency in the area and clear fans of the Republican nominee. They spoke with The Oregonian in a statment, sharing their mission and announcing their arrival:

“With 18-days to go and our fate in the hands of American voters,” the agency said in a statement Friday, “a new food truck has arrived in the mecca of food cart culture to serve sandwiches to the people, with a healthy dose of factual information.”

If you’re worried about having to spend money on a baloney — or bolgna — sandwich, don’t worry. It’s all free. The truck shows up to the Pioneer Courthouse Square around 11 am and serves its delicious sandwich goodness until all is gone.

The menu carries the heavy snark you would expect from a Trump opponent, while also attempting to right a few wrongs he has said along the way. It’s also a description of the sandwich, but you don’t really need that. They all come wrapped in a gold paper according to The Oregonian and each feature some correct facts that have been misconstrued by the Trump campaign over the campaign.

As the paper puts it, you don’t have to come to Portland to try the sandwich and if you do, you’re a fool. You can just look at the pictures, buy a pound of baloney and have all the sandwiches you want for under $5 — unless you want fancy bread or fancy mustard. There’s also a trailer for the truck, showing its beautiful gold and black look that copies the look from all of Trump’s luxorious nests around the nation.

(Via The Oregonian)