This Dream Job Pays You $96,000 To Travel The World, Chill On Yachts, And Explore Private Islands


We don’t want a job so much as “a situation that allows us to spend time traveling the world, chilling on luxury yachts, and exploring private islands.” So until a job rolls around that offers all of that (with little work and high pay!), we’re good just chilling and waiting for something that speaks to our souls. Try telling your parents this, and watch their eyes widen with horror, it’ll be a fun little prank to pull on them before telling them you’ve just become HushHush’s new Luxury Product Tester, and you’ll be pulling in $97,000 per year traveling the world, chilling on luxury yachts, and exploring private islands.

HushHush is basically the Amazon of luxury shopping. You probably haven’t heard of the site because, well, lean towards your screen please. It’s a secret. Okay, move back now. Basically, HushHush is a lot like Fight Club in that people meet up and fight each other for weird animalistic recreational purposes, or to feel alive in a vapid and empty world or whatever, and then swear to secrecy. By “fight” in this case, we just mean over savings on luxury items like expensive watches, cars, private getaways, and pool accessories, and by “meet up” we mean occupy the same web space via their internet service providers.

Okay, maybe HushHush is nothing like Fight Club, but it is the luxury version of Amazon, and they’re looking for a full-time Luxury Product Tester to review products before they put them on sale to the wider public. The applicant will be expected to travel extensively as they review private island properties, test out supercars, chill on superyachts, and work with products across Hush Hush’s vast array of sectors including luxury air travel, art, fashion, jewelry, and furniture, often in direct contact with suppliers. Hush Hush is looking for someone sociable, eloquent, and who has a passion for the “finer things in life” as they put it, which sounds to us like a roundabout way of saying “no experience necessary.”

If living La Dolce Vita sounds like the perfect job for you, apply to be Hush Hush’s Luxury Product Tester here. All you’ll need is to write an intro and include a cover letter or CV. Good luck!