This Family’s Dubstep Christmas Light Show Drops Some Impressive Festive Bass

Chances are you’ve seen ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight, in which families across the country battle for Christmas light show supremacy. Often times it’s extravagant, a dazzling display of creativity where you can’t help but wonder how they came up with such a light show (as well as how much the electric bill is going to cost at the end of the year).

Case in point? Matt Johnson’s dubstep-inspired Christmas light show. Matt and the rest of the Johnson family have had this light show on display in San Antonio, Texas since 2013. However, the show didn’t appear on The Great Christmas Light Fight until 2014, when it competed in the second season of the series.

Well, the reason why the Johnson family’s show has sprung up again is because it has been remodeled with pixel wreaths and snowflakes, as well as a soundtrack that features everything from Frozen‘s “Let It Go,” to Skrillex’s “Bangarang.” But the most impressive part (aside from the light display being a whopping 11 minutes) is that the family is using the show to encourage viewers to submit pledges to Living Water International, a nonprofit that strives to reduce infant mortality by providing clean water. Watch a cool light display while helping some people in need, all thanks to the Johnson family.

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