Notes From The Front Lines Of Unicycling’s New Wave

06.21.17 2 years ago

This isn’t the future we were promised.

From The Fifth Element to Futurama, we were told of a world with flying cars, zipping through the sky with the speed of a billion Usain Bolts. And yet… here we are in 2017, still relying on taxis, bikes, and trains to get us around. Who cares if they run off solar? If they can’t float, they’re a disappointment!

In light of this staggering let down, we just may have to settle for the next best thing, the flying car consolation prize. Unicycles.

You heard it here, friends. The noble unicycle is stepping out of your juggling cousin’s garage and into the limelight. In 2017, on the cusp of singularity, this age-old circus trick has gone electric and is poised to take over the streets. It’s the newest, hottest way of living out futuristic dreams while saving time and money. The hoverboard is dead (and banned), all hail the uni.

“All you’re doing is literally leaning forward to accelerate,” says Tishawn Fahie, a superstar of the electric unicycle scene. “If you want to stop and brake, you just gotta lean back.”

The New Yorker has been traveling the rough city streets with his wheel for three years, after initially being introduced to electric unicycles when he was knocked down by one. As Fahie stepped off the curb, he was blindsided by a unicyclist — but to his surprise the other man didn’t fall off his wheel. He just stood there, balancing like a magician.

Rather than get angry, Fahie found his thoughts completely on the majestic vehicle in front of him.

“Myself, being really intrigued and loving technology so much, I didn’t care that I got hit,” he says. “I just wanted to know ‘What the hell is this guy riding?’ He was already gone down the block, but I got a glimpse of him. He was on a wheel, that’s all I knew.”

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