Does This 116-Year-Old Woman Have The Secret To Living A Long Life?

If you just got your high school reunion notification on Facebook and you’re complaining about how old you’re getting, don’t say that in front Emma Moreno. After the passing of Susannah Mushatt Jones this week, Moreno is now the oldest living woman in the world at 116 joining the oldest living man, Yisrael Kristal who is 113.

Moreno was born in ’99 — November 29, 1899 that is — and is the last person on earth alive who was born in the 1800s. She witnessed the rise of the automobile to cars that can drive themselves. She’s lived through two world wars, the Cola Wars, and everything in between. When she was born, Queen Victoria had the crown and William McKinley was the president. Although she is a bit deaf, The Telegraph called her on Thursday to tell her that she is now the oldest living person in the world, with her sharp wit she replied, “My word, I’m as old as the hills!”

What’s this Italian’s key to a long life? Get ready to delete that Tinder profile, because Moreno says that staying single is one of the reasons why she has reached 116. When she was younger, she was in an abusive marriage and left her husband in 1938. After that, Moreno said she “didn’t want to be dominated by anyone.” Moreno still lives on her own and swears by her daily diet of two raw eggs, minced meat, pasta, homemade brandy, and only having a glass of milk for dinner. She also worked as a cook until she retired at 75.

So if you want to live until 116, start cracking eggs and stock up on milk. Oh, and if you’re single and your friends and family are telling you that you need to settle down, show them this article and tell them, “Nah, I rather be alive when I’m 116.”

(Via: The Washington Post)