Flexible On Your Next Adventure? This Website Finds The Cheapest Flights In The World From Your City

04.09.19 5 months ago



Crazy, cheap flight deals are wonderful, but they can also be complicated. Mistake fares (that the airline could cancel at any moment), complicated itineraries (like trips to Asia by stopping in a random European country), and endless calculation of price versus time (Okay, I can get to Iceland for $30 dollars as long as I’m okay with 17 flights over several weeks. Feels reasonable! I’ll just quit my job!) dominate the cheap flight game.

And while we often feel the cost to see the world on a budget is worth the extra logistical consideration, sometimes, you just want to fly somewhere from your own airport on the dates you want to fly. And that’s what Escape, a new cheap flights website, is hoping to provide — an easier way for you to find the cheapest flights from your specific city.

We took a look today and it seems pretty cool. So, say you want to take a week to yourself in the coming months, and you’re flying out from Philadelphia. If your only real guideline is that you want to be somewhere cool, you can just go to Escape’s website and it’ll auto-populate the location from which you’re searching. You just fill in the dates you want to go away, and it tells you the best locations from Philly for your budget.

You also can easily search for direct flights, set a maximum price, and add in the weather you want. They break down the results by continent, showing the cheapest flight on every continent, and then you can click on to see what is specifically available. And hey, if you decide flights from Philly aren’t quite cheap enough, play around. See what flights from New York look like. Hell, why not check out Oslo for $367 in September if you’re in New York and kinda bored?

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