A Model Edited Her Instagram Photos With Boldly Honest Captions

Essena O’Neill has more than 750,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 270,000 subscribers on YouTube. The 18-year-old Australian model has documented the last three years of her life online, with countless bikini and bum shots, yoga poses, and bathroom mirror selfies. But she’s had enough: O’Neill recently added new captions to many of her photos, revealing the truth behind them. How many times they had to be taken, how she couldn’t eat, how much she was paid by random brands to pose in their clothing.

For instance, in one photo, she originally wrote:

This skirt is my obsession

Now it’s:

aka my stomach is my obsession.

And another got changed to:

Was paid $400 to post a dress. That’s when I had maybe 150k followers, with half a million followers, I know of many online brands (with big budgets) that pay up to $2000 per post.

Nothing is wrong with accepting brand deals. I just think it should be known. This photo had no substance, it was not of ethical manufacturing (I was uneducated at the time). SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT REAL is my point. Be aware what people promote, ask yourself, what’s their intention behind the photo?

O’Neill, who’s been on Instagram since 2013, uploaded a video where she candidly admitted that this last month is “the first time I’ve really just lived for the moment, not to prove it online.” She also started a website called Let’s Be Game Changers, where she wants “to be the change. I want to meet people who share this passion, learn with them, create with them, live with them. Are you one of them? I really hope you are.” What O’Neill is saying isn’t anything we didn’t already know (obviously, attractive people are paid to wear bikinis), but it’s refreshingly honest that it’s coming from her, not us.


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