Should Evangelicals Be Upset Over The New Starbucks Christmas Cups?

In news that’ll make you wish that Christmas was already over, Starbucks just came out with their yearly holiday cups. Only, instead of whimsical drawings of snow flakes and snow men on the red cups, this year’s batch are just red, with no other adornment but the green and white logo.

MSN reports that Christian evangelists are protesting this minimalist design. One such evangelical, Joshua Feuerstein, encapsulates the discontent in a Facebook video:

“I think in the age of political correctness, we become so open-minded our brains have literally fallen out of our head.”

MSN quotes another evangelical Christian pastor, Nate Weaver, as saying he won’t go to Starbucks anymore, because the company apparently won’t support pro-life causes. The red cups with “nothing that might tie to Christmas on them because they want to be politically correct” was apparently the last straw.

There’s even a Twitter hashtag, #MerryChristmasStarbucks. Funnily enough, most people currently on this hashtag are speaking out about how ridiculous the controversy is:

Can’t wait for Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and other presidential candidates to weigh in on this important issue.