A Farmer Plowed Prince’s ‘Love Symbol’ Into His Field And It’s Incredible

In Prince’s passing, there have been many tributes (Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, D’Angelo — the list goes on and on) made in his honor, but this one is undeniably incredible, at least by sheer size.

Gene Hanson, a 75-year-old residing in Edgeley, North Dakota, dedicated his cornfield to the Purple One by plowing a large “Love Symbol” into it. “I thought to myself, maybe I should try something like that,” Hanson told the Grand Forks Herald. “I didn’t tell anyone I was going do it, I didn’t even tell my wife I was going to do it. But it’s been fun.”

He only had a print-out illustration of the symbol to refer to, which he taped to the hood of his tractor. Maybe the Purple Rain icon was guiding Hanson because, as you can see, the tribute came out beautifully.

“I couldn’t believe it myself that it turned out so well,” Hanson said. “I was probably the most surprised. This one just happened to turn out first try.”

We’re pretty sure that Prince would be proud.

(Via Mashable)

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