Panda Express Wants To Give You Free Food For The Chinese New Year

01.25.17 2 years ago

If you’ve ever been to a mall (and if you haven’t I am fascinated by your life), then you’ve probably eaten at Panda Express. And while their orange chicken may be absolutely terrible for us, its sweet siren songs brings us coming back every time. It may not be the most authentic of all Chinese cuisine, but as far as Americanized Chinese goes, its pure poetry in food form.

And now Panda wants to give us free stuff! On Janurary, 28th, 2017 Panda Express will be giving out red envelopes as gifts for the Chinese New Year. Red envelopes are given out in the Chinese tradition to symbolize good luck and prosperity. And these particular envelopes will contain coupons for a free Firecracker Chicken Breast Entree with a 22oz Dr. Pepper on a future visit. See, 2017 is looking good already!

Panda Express wants to connect people to the traditions of the Chinese New Year so they’ll also be giving away a Chinese New Year Celebration Kit with the purchase of a Family Feast meal until February 21st. That meal includes three entrees and two large sides. And if you don’t have a family to share it with, don’t worry. It is totally acceptable to order alone because you just want the kit. Pro tip: Just say your family is still in the car, and then create an elaborate back story about Tommy and Susie and your little dog, Spot to throw the worker off your scent. The Kung Pao is for Susie! You can say while winking several times and pulling a picture out of your wallet (which you clearly tore out of a Sears catalogue).

Then once they DEFINITELY believe you, you’ll get your kit which includes a red table runner, Chinese New Year stickers, a dragon car decal, a “Know Your Chinese New Year” card game, and two red envelopes.

We’re definitely on board with the free stuff. And plan on being there with bells and whistles on to collect our very own kits and coupons. So maybe you’ll see us there. You’ll know us by the sweet dragon decals on our cars.

Via Brand Eating.

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