Can This Paper End World Hunger?

Are you ready for a moment of inspiration? Meet Kavita Shukla. She’s got two goals in life — to save your produce from spoiling prematurely, and to stop world hunger. NBD.

Insane as it sounds, she’s already well on her way to meeting those goals. Shukla is the inventor of Fenugreen FreshPaper, a spice-infused paper that naturally slows produce decay — keeping it fresh for two to four times longer than normal. For what it’s worth, she invented this stuff in her garage when she was in high school, a time when the biggest problems on most kids’ minds are prom dates and pimples.

Fresher produce equals less food waste, which means less wasted money overall. And then there’s Shukla’s “Fresh for All” mission, which is where the stop-world-hunger part of the equation comes in. We could spend a lot of time bragging on this product, but we’ll just let the video above speak for itself.

The best part of all of this? This isn’t one of those Kickstarter projects that will have you waiting for months (or even years) to receive the final product. FreshPaper is available for purchase right now on $9.99 gets you eight sheets of the fungus-fighting paper. And the reviews are overwhelmingly positive! With 65 reviews, the product has an average of four and a half stars and lots of good juju.

Shukla’s next big push is to raise awareness of food waste by winning a 2016 Super Bowl ad through the Small Business Big Game contest. We’re voting for her. And we’re going to pick up some of those FreshPaper sheets, too.