Using The ‘Full House’ Theme Is A Fun Way To Point Out How Expensive Living In San Francisco Can Be

02.29.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Lots of things have changed since the original Full House premiered in 1987 (!). One big thing is that San Francisco has gotten way more expensive, as this spoof of the iconic sitcom’s credits show.

The first title card starts off by saying, “Full House in today’s San Francisco,” then changes to “Unaffordable House.” Then the credits tell us that in the 1990s, a house like the Tanner home was worth $725,000. Today, it would sell for $3.1 million.

After, there is a shot of a happy renter bounding down the steps of her San Francisco apartment, but when a graphic informing us that the median rent back in 1990 was $975 for a two-bedroom apartment, whereas now, such a space would rent for $4,700, she quickly looks crestfallen.

That’s the pattern that takes hold, with people’s smiles being wiped off their faces as reality sets in: “70% of artists say they have been displaced from workspace or home” and “African-American population went from 9% (1990) to 5.8% (2015). “Everywhere you look,” there’s gentrification indeed.

The credits end with the renter, artist, and African-American woman having a sad picnic on a patch of dirt overlooking those iconic double-decker houses, all of which cost more than $2 million. Something tells me Fuller House doesn’t deal with this issue.

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