Geico Spoofed Those Sharable Recipe Videos In Your Facebook Feed And It’s Actually Hilarious

At some point in your scrolling on Facebook, you’ve probably happened upon now ubiquitous recipe videos made popular by websites like Buzzfeed’s Tasty and Delish, which usually involve some combination of chicken breast, puff pasty, bagged spinach, cream cheese, chocolate chips, etc. The recipes are almost always lazy and terrible for you, and although I have never and probably will never make any of them I fully admit to being 100 percent captivated every time I stumble across one of the videos in my news feed.

Many corporate brands have started leveraging these type of videos into their marketing, particularly food brands that actually want you to go out and buy the ingredients used to make the recipes. I’m not quite sure what to make of this endeavor by Geico however, which has even less to do with insurance than most of their funny, viral ads. In the series of web videos called Raccookin’, raccoons teach you how to make their favorite dishes such as Garbage Bread, Pumpkin Pie A La Dumpster, and above, Chicken Alfredo.

Naturally, the Chicken Alfredo recipe contains ingredients such as a week old chicken carcass, expired broth, rotten apple cores, and curdled milk, yet still manages to produce a gorgeous end result worthy of Tasty. I admit, it made me laugh. The other videos are below, including a final video of the raccoons themselves (as well as the actual brand messaging).