Netflix And ‘Gilmore Girls’ Are Converting Coffee Shops Into Luke’s Diner For One Day Only

Not unlike Springfield or the version of New York where a paleontologist can afford Ross’ apartment, Gilmore Girls‘ Stars Hollow, Connecticut isn’t a real town. This is a real bummer to anyone who’s wondered what Chinese food at a pancake “world” tastes like. But for one day this week, you can live like Lorelai and Rory by making a lot of obscure pop culture references, talking really quickly, and heading to Luke’s Diner. Coffee shops across America are transforming into Stars Hollow’s surliest restaurant on October 5 to promote Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life revival.

Beginning at 7 a.m. this Wednesday, which happens to be the show’s 16th anniversary, the streaming service will take over 250 coffee shops — you can find a complete map here — and hand out free cups of joe, as well as “Luke’s Diner essentials, including branded aprons and shirts,” according to Eater. (Presumably it’s a flannel shirt, and you’re not able to take a selfie while wearing it with your generic baseball hat until you leave the establishment.) There will also be a “surprise under [the] custom Gilmore Girls coffee sleeve.” (Maybe it’s a note that reads “look out” before Kirk crashes his car into the joint.)

Look, all I’m saying is: if SNL wants to follow in Gilmore Girls‘ footsteps, and convert Taco Bell into Taco Town, well, to quote Gilmore‘s theme song, “I will follow where you lead.” Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Nov. 25.

(Via Eater)