Meet The Girl Who Thinks She Was Born In The Wrong Body Because She’s Really A Cat

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01.28.16 20 Comments

Meet Nano. Nano is a cat. Nano loves to meow, drink milk, and curl up in windows (as cats are wont to do). Nano is adorable. There’s only one problem — Nano isn’t a cat. She’s a human being. But Nano doesn’t believe any of that is true. Inside the heart of this Norwegian 20-year-old is the soul of a lioness, and it demands to be let out through a series of mildly infuriating meows.

Madeleine Davies at Jezebel (who’s studied the video in great depth) says she believes Nano. Partly because no human who was just acting would do the stuff Nano does in the video (like talk about the things she notices as a cat or try to translate English into Meow), and partly because Nano’s friend Svein (not a cat, but someone with cat-like personality characteristics) thinks that Nano is legit. I don’t know if I’d go that far (although I love both Nano and Svein), but you’ve got to admit that Nano’s commitment to being a feline is impressive. I just don’t know why there aren’t videos of her eating nothing but cat food on YouTube. You think you’re a cat, young lady? Well then get down on this can of Whiskas like you’ve never eaten anything so good before. Or follow a laser pointer with all kinds of aplomb.

(Via Jezebel)

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