Google’s Latest Self-Driving Accident Highlights The One Road Hazard That’s Hard To Prepare For

09.25.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

As self-driving cars become more of a reality, they’ll be greeted by one certain foe as they assimilate to the roadways: humans, and more specifically, their errors. For as far as the world has come technology wise, there will always be humans doing human things on the roadways. It’s your classic Man vs. Robot battle, really.

This past Friday we were reminded of the fact that robot-cars and humans are increasingly sharing the roads, sometimes unsuccessfully when a Google Self-Driving Lexus RX car was t-boned by a human-driven car in Califonia. The Google Lexus RX car reportedly sensed the other driver crossing the intersection and braked, but it was too late to avoid the impending collision.

The car that struck the Google Self-Driving car was later found to have run a red light. According to Google, their autonomous car did not begin moving forward until at least six-seconds after the light turned green, thus leaving no doubt as to who was at fault in the crash. No one was injured in the crash, the Google car took quite a beating in the collision.

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