This Visionary Chainsaw Carver Is A Rock Star Of The Art World

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Tiger Woods swinging golf clubs at age 2. Mozart composing symphonies at 5. Picasso developing a whole new style before he reached adulthood. It’s always interesting to see how early in life one’s passions become apparent. When the Oregon-born Griffon Ramsey spent her childhood climbing fir trees, she had no idea she’d one day be carving them up. For art, for clients… for a career.

But sure enough, that’s what Ramsey does — using a chainsaw to render sculptures with skill and precision. As a female in a largely male dominated field, this self-described “rock star of the art world” crafts pieces that inspire a sense of wonder. We don’t want to speak for the trees (that’s the Lorax’s job), but if a tree falls in the woods, Ramsey is the person you want sculpting it.

The artist is currently riding a groundswell of support — she won the People’s Choice Award for her piece “Neverending Story” at the Australian Chainsaw Carving Championship in 2016. She’s also etched out quite a niche on social media, with an impressive following on YouTubeVine, and Twitter.

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