These ‘Groove Cruise’ Photos Make A Floating EDM Fest Seem Like A Lot Of Fun

How you feel about a festival like Groove Cruise really depends on how you feel about EDM music, 24-hour parties, and being on a giant boat with a bunch of raging drunk people for five days. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you’ll probably have a great experience — because Groove Cruise keeps its promises 100 times over.

They sell debauchery at sea, and they deliver on that like Jack Sparrow rum running with Hunter S. Thompson. This is your college orientation week — everyone is nice, eager to party, and not thinking about responsibilities — mixed with more intoxicants and more ocean. If that doesn’t sound appealing, it probably won’t be your thing.

The floating festival actually does an excellent job getting top shelf DJs to perform and there’s certainly a travel component — thought it’s tough to get off the beaten track with 500 friends accompanying you. The real sales point is this: An awesome party, with beautiful weather, lovely people, awesome music, and literally no need to ever stop or slowdown. In international waters the bars don’t have to quit serving booze, ya dig?

Oh, also, there are lots of beautiful people dressed scantily/weirdly dressed, which is always fun. If you’re into that sort of thing.